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The Easy Way to Write
Fantasy Fiction

Dear Fellow Writer,

I’d like to invite you now to join me on a voyage of discovery – as I announce the highly anticipated: The Easy Way to Write Fantasy Fiction.

This brand new, up to the minute e-course will extend over the next six weeks and take you on a breath-taking tour around the imagination.

Fantasy is all about the strange, the fantastic, the beautiful and the amazing. Here is your chance to explore the fascinating worlds of others and begin to create your own.

In the next six weeks we’ll be looking at everything from world building to creating races and cultures, from plotting to characterization, from questing to role playing – you name it, if it’s Fantasy related, we’ll be looking at it, in depth, up close and personal.

Course Contents

Week 1. Imagining Fantasy

Introduction. History. Definitions. Getting started as a Fantasy writer.

Week 2. World Building, Mapping and Visualization.

How to build enduring civilizations, create maps, large and small and how to keep building on your fantasy world.

Week 3. Characters, Races, and Societies

How to create characters. Heroes, antagonists, the usual Elves, dwarves, dragons, knights, wizards, magi, etc – but also other less conventional characters. How to structure societies using your own ‘rules’ and ‘laws’.

Week 4. Plotting, Questing and Traveling

The importance of having obstacles to overcome, personal and mythological. How to keep the reader fully involved with your quest and your own imaginary world.

Week 5. POV, Artifacts and Magic

Who’s telling the story? And why? What relationship do the characters have to artifacts in your story? How believable is your magic? Also, the important difference between exposition and ‘info-dumping’.

Week 6. Resolutions and Sequels

Who is left in control and why? What measures have you taken to ensure that the story is resolved, and or fit for continuation? When is a Fantasy story over?

Enroll now and you’ll receive in depth lessons for the next six weeks, as much personal feedback on your exercises as you need, a heap of bonus items as we go along, and free membership to a private chat group created especially for this class.

Bonus Items:

Fantasy Name Generator

This easy to use Fantasy Name Generator is capable of creating more than 360,000 name combinations with a click of a button. Keep clicking until you find a name you like! (Windows users only)

Recommended Fantasy Authors List.

Much more than a mere list – it’s 186 pages full of fact and commentary, edited and compiled over the last 12 years by renowned Fantasy expert, Amy Sheldon. This fascinating document has never before been produced in this format before – and Amy has told me she is delighted that you exclusively receive it on sign up to this course.

Mythological Beasts and Governmental Systems

Need ideas for your Fantasy? Take a tour through these amazing lists of creatures and society systems that have gone before you. Pick and choose, mix and match – create your own world within minutes.

Receive the first lesson within seconds by going to the link below. The entire course and bonuses and personal mentoring is currently half price: $47! (But only for a limited time – act now to secure this introductory bargain.)

Thank you in advance. See you in class!

Click Here to Enroll Now


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