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Mythological Creatures
by Lee Masterson

With the upper part of the body half-human and the lower part of the body half-fish, the Adaro originates from Melanesia and is believed to live in the sun, traveling to Earth on rainbows. While on Earth, they are thought to travel on waterspouts. One of many stories recounted across the world which can be related to tales of mermaids, however the Adaro is dangerous to humans. They are thought to shoot flying fish, causing unconsciousness and even death.

The Ahuizotl originates from Central America; a creature that’s half-human, half-monkey, with a hand at the end of the tail. The Ahuizotl was believed to live in the water. It would snatch people who got to close to the waters edge or sometimes attack fishermen on their boats. The Ahuizotl was a much-feared creature due to its fondness for eating human flesh.

The Amadán is one of many types of Irish Faeries and are feared because even a faint touch from one can cause instant and complete paralysis. They are sometimes known as the ‘stroke lads’ because of this. They are particularly dangerous to criminals or to people who walk in the moonlight, and are particularly active in the month of June

Ammut is an Egyptian female demon, found in the Book of the Dead, with the head of a crocodile, the body of a lion and the back end of a hippopotamus. She was dubbed the ‘Eater of the Dead’ by the Egyptians, due to her function in the Hall of Double Justice of Osiris. Her role was in the judgment of the deceased, when the heart of the dead is weighed against the feather of Maat, or the feather of truth. Those whose hearts proved heavier than the feather of truth would be fed to Ammut, who would devour the soul. This was a terrifying threat to an ancient Egyptian, as it would mean they could never meet Osiris and live forever in the fields of peace.

Azeman is a name given to a female vampire or werewolf in Surinam Negro folk belief. She transforms from human to animal form at night and travels around drinking human blood. According to belief the best way to stop her is by sprinkling grains or seeds about, when seeing them she has a compulsion to stop to count them and gather them up. Another way of stopping her is by propping a broom against a door, which she then can’t cross.

Baku originate from Japanese legend. With the face of a lion, the body of a horse, the feet of a tiger and the tail of a cow, it is known as the ‘eater of dreams’. A Baku is said to devour a person’s evil dreams, either rendering those dreams harmless or changing them into good luck.

The Barghest is a huge ferocious dog with large teeth and claws that originates from the area around Yorkshire (Northern England). The beast only appears after dark; the belief is that anyone who lays sight on the dog will die soon after the encounter. There are other reports of beasts like this one in Wales that is called the Gwyllgi, and the Mauthe Dog from the Isle of Man.

The Basilisk is the mythical king of the serpents, portrayed as a serpent with the head of a rooster and the tongue of a snake. The basilisk is born from a spherical yolkless egg, which was laid by a seven-year rooster and hatched by a toad.

According to the legends there are two species of Basilisk. The first is a creature that burns everything it approaches the second kind can kill every living thing with a mere glance. Both species are so evil that their breath wilts vegetation and can crack stones. A basilisk is a highly poisonous creature. It was thought the only way to kill a Basilisk is by holding a mirror In front of its eyes, the moment the creature sees itself in the mirror it dies of sheer fright.

The Bayard is a talking horse; it was given to the four sons of Aymon by Charlemagne. The Horse had the ability to elongate its back to accommodate all four of the sons, Bayard also had great speed.

The Benu comes from ancient Egyptian mythology. It is a bird that was born at creation and was worshiped at the city of Heliopolis. It is a heron-like bird with a crest of two long feathers that come from the rear of its head. The Benu is reborn each day after its journey through the night. The Benu is associated with the gods of the sun; it accompanies the souls of the dead on the boat of Ra on its journey through the underworld.

The Benu was the first creature to come from the sea at creation and the first piece of land it stood on a temple was built this is said to be Heliopolis. It is thought that the Benu bird is much like the Phoenix. The Greek Historian Herodotus visited Egypt and described the bird that the priests showed him as the western bird Phoenix.

The Bicorne is a mythical creature is part Panther part cow that is fat from overeating. The Bicorne feeds on virtuous husbands. From the creatures description it is saying there are lots of men that a virtuous because this creature is well fed. The Bicorne's counterpart the Chichevache is thin this feeds on virtuous wives suggesting that the women were not very faithful to their husbands

Black Orcs
Black Orcs are biggest and strongest of the green skins their skin is much darker than that of Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins. Black Orcs tend to be better armed than other Orcs so they where heavy armour and carry around larger weapons. Black Orcs are more intelligent as well are often seen to be leading the Orc tribes. Black Orcs tend to be much better organised and infighting within a tribe does not succumb to petty squabbles. Other Orcs tend not to squabble when black Orcs are around either because they don't want to be picked on by their bigger cousins.

Brownies are invisible brown elves or household goblins who live in farmhouses and other country buildings within Scotland. While the members of the household are asleep they go about doing labours for the house owners. Brownies are protective creatures and become attached to the families if the family move the Brownie will move with them. If a brownie is treated badly by the family or is offered payment the brownie vanishes without trace. Children because of their innocent nature can only see Brownies, though this does not prevent the brownies from helping adults.

A bellowing water monster from Australian Aboriginal legend, believed to bring diseases. It lives at the bottom of the water holes, swamps, lakes and rivers of the Australian outback. The creature is roughly the size of a calf and requires calm water to live in. Unless its food sources are interfered with, the bunyip usually leaves human beings alone. However, if necessary it has the strength to pull a person down into the water and drown him. The name comes from an Aboriginal word meaning "devil" or "spirit".

Centaurs come from Greek mythology; these creatures are part human part horse. They have the torso and head of a human with the body of a horse. Centaurs lived on mount Pelion in Thessaly. Centaurs followed Dionysus the wine god that is why centaurs are known for drunkenness and carrying off young maidens.

The Centicore is a four legged beast with two long straight horns that are extremely sharp. It uses these horns much like spears. The Centicore is horse like in appearance but with a chest of a lion and ears that grow in its mouth. The Centicore horns can move and usually has only one facing forward the other is laid across its back.

The Chichevache is a cow with human face, this mythical beast is thin, and feeds on virtuous wives suggesting that the women were not very faithful to their husbands The counterpart Bicorne is fat which it is saying there are lots of men that are virtuous because this creature is well fed.

The Chimera originates from Greek mythology, and is characterised as a creature with the head of a lion, body of a she-goat and the tail of a dragon. The Chimera can also depicted, although not in the Greek mythology to have three heads one of that of a lion, a ram and a dragon. The Chimera ocasionally is depicted as a creature with wings that are of a great eagle. In Greek mythology the Chimera is the child of Typhon and Echidna.

The Cockatrice is a snake like creature, that has a pair of great wings that are seen to come from that of a great eagle or that are leathery wings like a dragons. Characteristics of a Cockatrice is that it has glowing red eyes with black pupils. Cockatrice has a magical gaze that it can petrify an attacker to stone.

The Cyclops are from Greek mythology and were originally storm gods Brontes (Thunder), Sterops (Lightening), and Arges (Thunderbolt). They are noted for only having one eye in the centre of their foreheads and been giants many times the height of man. They were great smiths and helped the Greeks. It was said that they fashioned Zeus's lightening bolt. Eventually the Cyclops were seen as a cannibalistic and brutish they were feared and shunned.

Dark Elves/Drows
The Dark elves or Drows are the same as there high elf cousins a tall noble looking race with pale skin and are slender but unlike High Elves which are masters of light magic's, dark elves practice dark sorcery, and have become very adept at it. Dark Elves live in great cities made of dark stone. Dark Elves are constantly at war with their High Elf kin. They use masterly crafted weapons but they carry repeating crossbows, which seem to be unique to them. Dark Elf females that follow the path of sorcery are called Witch Elves and are a warrior sisterhood. Dark Elves always seem to where dark colours such as blacks, deep purples and dark blues.

Dragon (Chinese legends)
The Chinese Dragons are different from those that originate in western culture. The dragon in china is powerful but benevolent ruler of the earth, sky and sea. It is one of the four spiritual animals and Chinese dragons are said to bring good fortune.

Chinese dragons are different in description in classic western dragons they have a horse like head with two horns from behind their ears. They have long whiskers that come away from its muzzle. They have thick scaly hides like that of western dragons. They have four taloned legs but Chinese dragons don't have wings though they are still able to fly. There bodies are long and snake like.

Chinese dragons play with a ball of light known as the sacred pearl; this is thought to be the source of the dragon's power. There is a place in the sky called the jade tablet; this contains the number of the dragons. Chinese dragons develop over a number of years they begin as small water snakes, and grow through there lives. Chinese dragons have the power to polymorph (change there shape).

Lung is a named Chinese dragon and he is the ruler of the sky. It is said that Lung has the head of a camel, horns of a deer and the ears of an ox, the eyes of a devil, the neck of a snake, the belly of a clam, fish scales and eagle's talons and paws of a tiger. Lungs breath is said to form the clouds.

There are other Chinese dragons that rule the weather, rain, thunder, lightening and the wind. Other Chinese dragons rule the oceans and the earth. A dragon named Chiao is the supreme Dragon of the earth.

Dragon (Joppa/Mediterranean)
The dragons of Joppa are from around the southern and eastern Mediterranean. Two of these dragons are known as the most famous monsters of legend.

The first of these beasts was of the sea the second a creature of foul disease ridden swamps. The first called Cetus was a dragon that the Greek god Poseidon called from the sea to ravage the country of King Cepheus. Waters flooded his lands and Cetus ate his people. King Cepheus consulted the great Oracle and was told the only way to stop the dragon was to sacrifice his daughter Andromeda, to Cetus. As the legend goes the hero Perseus was returning home after slaying the Gorgon Medusa when he saw from afar Andromeda bound to a rock. As the dragon Cetus approached Andromeda, Perseus landed on the dragons back and drove his sword repeatedly into Cetus and slew the dragon, freeing the kingdom and winning himself a wife.

The second dragon at Joppa is from the accounts of English knights on the crusades they told of St George's battle with a dragon. St George was returning home when he came across a maiden in distress. She was the Princess of the kingdom chained to a post in the marshes. When the dragon emerged from the swamp to eat the princess George attacked driving his lance through the dragons opened jaws. Through this act George converted the local villages to Christianity. George became the patron saint of England

Dragon (Western legends)
In the west the dragon (Drakon in Greek and Draco in roman) The British refer to it as the Drake. Western dragons have simlar characteristics as many of the typical fantasy dragons. They have four taloned feet, a pair of wings that are like that of a bat. Their heads have a crest and a beard underneath their chin. Some have horns or antlers. They have tough scales; their stomachs are like that of crocodiles. Western dragons come in varying sizes from small fox size to huge many times bigger than elephants. They come in a variety of colours and are generally believed to breathe fire. Western dragons have forked tongues.

It is said that the blood of these western dragons have powerful healing properties and the blood also allows the understanding of other languages. Western dragons have s gem in there head known as the Draconce or Dragon-stone it is a brilliant red it is said to have curative powers.

Dryads come from Greek mythology and are female spirits of nature that preside over the forests. A dryad is born with a certain tree species and a particular tree, which she watches over. If the tree is destroyed then the Dryad perishes along side the tree. Dryads punish mortals that somehow damage the trees.

Dwarfs are a short, Muscular race, that the males and females look alike as both have beards, and in dwarfs beards mean a lot. Dwarfs live deep beneath the mountains and have mined themselves vast strongholds beneath theses mountain peaks. Dwarfs are immensely strong and resilient they have broad hands and feet. Dwarfs are known to be stubborn and unforgetting. Dwarfs respect the following things; Age, Wealth and skill. Dwarfs favour axes as a weapon but compared with other races dwarfs have embraced technology and use a variety of weapons that are more advanced than others of the ancient races. Dwarfs will use pistols, cannons, flame cannons. Dwarfs like the Elves take pride in there work and there axes show immense craftsmanship. Dwarfs have a hate of Goblins & Orcs who have raided there strong holds many a time and took away their wealth. Dwarfs also distrust Elves due to an ancient war that was fought between them.

Fairies come in all sorts of guises some look like Goblins, a typical fairy is a tiny human like creature that is 12 inches high, and has delicate wings on its back. These creatures tend to be friendly with humans but humans rarely ever see them. Fairies tend to have specific purposes like the tooth fairy that goes round collecting teeth that are placed under pillows and swaps them for some money. Some times fairies are guides to lost people.

The firebird (Zshar-ptitsa) comes from Russian folklore it is a miraculous bird, its feathers shine silver and gold, its eyes sparkle like crystals. The firebird is a noctural bird as at night this bird illuminates the land that it flies over. It is said that a feather from its tail can light up a dark room. The firebird eats golden apples. When the firebird sings it is said that pearls would fall from its beak. The firebird was also able to heal the sick and cure the blind by its chants.

Gargoyles are often seen as winged stone creatures, that sit watching high up on the tops of buildings. They sit still for many hours before diving down on its prey below. The origin of Gargoyles in popular mythology and fantasy comes from stone carvings placed on churches and other high status buildings that were said to ward off evil spirits. Gargoyles also served as drainage decorations on these buildings. It is speculated that the name gargoyle name comes from the water gargling down the downspout.

The Garuda or Garida is an ancient bird, which is similar to that of the Roc, it could block out the sun with its wings and could pick up elephants in its talons. The Garuda has a beak like that of an wings of a bird of prey, the head was white in colour and the wings scarlet and the body was a golden yellow colour. It was sometimes called the bird of life. The Garuda was the feared enemy of the Nagas.

Giants are oversized humanoids that are featured in much folklore, and appear in such mythology as Norse, and Greek. Giants are often seen as earth's elder race. A Giant's characteristics traditionally make then to be brutish and hostile. They are seen to feed on cattle, sheep and human or anything living that is smaller in size. Giants normally are seen to be solitary although the Greek titans formed communities. A well-known giant is Blunderbore who lived in a huge castle in a cloud, he was defeated by a boy called Jack (from the fairy tale Jack & the beanstalk)

The Griffin or Griffon is a legendary creature, that's head, beak and wings come from that of a great eagle, the body is that of a lion or a tiger and on occasion it has a tail of a scorpion the front feet often in talons. A Griffin is a fierce and deadly creature tearing its prey apart with its huge beak while pinning its prey to the ground with one of its talons or paws. The origin of the Griffin is unknown but its though to be somewhere in the Middle East as this is where early paintings and sculptures by the ancient Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians. In more recent times the Griffin is often seen on churches as gargoyles and on shield heraldry. The Griffon is the symbol shown on Vauxhaul cars in Great Britain.

The gnolls are a race of humanoids with the faces of hyenas. They are squat and shorter than humans, but have wide shoulders and extremely powerful hands. Their bodies are covered by hair, especially a long mane stretching along their spines from the forehead to the base if the spine. Gnoll leaders make their hair into dreadlocks and weave in talismans and magical items as a sign of authority.

Gnomes are a very small humanoid race, which are not physically different to humans other than they are only about 1 to 2 feet high. Gnomes are classically seen as protectors of the natural world, often they are portrayed as little men with beards who tend to the garden. Gnomes are also seen as adventures wanting to discover the world they often join parties of adventuring heroes. Gnomes can prove useful due to their height and sometimes turn to a life of crime.

Goblins vary in size but are smaller than Orcs or Hobgoblins. They are a green skinned race, which have pointy ears. Goblins have sharp pointy teeth. They look thin and scrawny. Goblins sometimes are seen as more intelligent than their cousin Orcs, but are often bullied by their bigger and tougher relations. Goblins form tribes, in which the biggest and hardest goblin is the leader. Goblins are often seen in company of Orc tribes. Goblins use a varying array of weapons well anything they can lay there hands on. Goblins are seen to ride wolves into battle, in which case these tend to be the vanguard of an Orc & Goblin army.

A Gorgon is a terrifying creature, it looked similar to a human apart from its legs are replaced by a snakes tail, and that the hair of these creatures is made up of snakes. The gaze of a gorgon can turn its victim to stone if only it you look the gorgon in their eyes. The Gorgon comes from Greek mythology, there were three the first was Medusa who was a mortal gorgon, who was killed by Perseus who killed her by using the reflection that she cast onto his shield. Medusa had two sisters Sthens and Euryule who where immortal.

Gremlins are spirits of tools and machinery. They are thought to be responsible for mishaps and breakdowns with tools and equipment. Each house has an Gremlin which entered the house as an occupant of an household appliance. Originally Gremlins were friendly towards mankind and helped engineers and inventors build things but when these people took all the credit the Gremlins were insulted and from that point on they work against us.

The Gulon is mythical creature from Scandinavia, it has the front half of a lion the rear half of a hyena and the bushy tail of a fox. The creature is said to be vicious and has the sharp claws of the lion to attack with. It has been used as a symbol of gluttony.

Harpies have two descriptions their origins both lay within Greek mythology. The first description is that Harpies are beautiful winged maidens; the second is that they are winged monsters with the head of an ugly old crone that had sharp talons. Both descriptions were seen to do the same thing, which was that they carried people off to the underworld and inflicting punishment upon them and ultimately death.

High Elves
Elves are a tall, slim and regal built race. They are seen as a noble race, and tend to be beautiful or handsome in appearance. Elves are a paled skinned race. Elves are strong and agile in comparison with humans and are often seen as more intelligent and wiser. Elves have a longer life span than humans do. Elves build refined weapons that are seen as master craftsmanship by other races. They use Swords, bows and lances mainly they don't like using crossbows or gunpowder weapons.

The Hippogrif is legendary animal that is half Griffin and half horse. The forequarters and head is that of the griffin that would be the father's half and hindquarters would be of its mother a filly. The Hippogrif is a ferocious creature. The Hippogrif is often found in ancient Greek paintings but it was more largely seen in medieval times.

Hobgoblins are close relations to Orcs and Goblins. They are distinctly taller than goblins but not as muscular as Orcs. Hobgoblins are renown for been cowardly and sneaky. They have green skin like their cousins and large k9 teeth with hooked noses and pointy ears. Hobgoblins use a varying array of weapons and like goblins they ride large wolves into battle.

The Hsigo come from Chinese mythology and are in fact monkeys with bird like wings. They are much like the monkeys seen in the film Wizard of Oz.

The Karakadon is a bull like creature that has a single curved horn growing from its forehead, much like that of a unicorn. The creature strikes terror into other creatures with its breath and thunderous bellow.

Lamia's are a cross between an attractive human and a lion. The body part is lion, with a human torso rising from where the lions head would be, they look not unlike centaurs but lion instead of horse. Lamias are evil and cruel creatures that get pleasure in causing pain and suffering. Lamias have the magical ability to drain knowledge from those that they attack.

A Lammasu has the body of a lion the wings of a giant eagle and the face of a human. Lammasu's are said to be noble creatures that look after those that are good. They prey on those creatures that are evil. They are strong creatures they can easily take down larger creatures with its lions claws.

A leprechaun is a small sprite that lives in farmhouses or wine cellars. Like Brownies they aid humans and accomplish small labours for them, they ask humans for supplies and furniture in return they give objects that bring luck and fortune. Leprechauns are described as merry little fellows that dress in old-fashioned green clothes with buckled shoes and they wear a red cap. They are known as fairy cobblers, as they make shoes for other elves. They never make a pair of shoes they only make one. Popular belief is that a leprechaun possesses a treasure, which a human can obtain if they succeed in capturing one, which is very difficult. Leprechauns are mainly found in Irish folklore but do appear in other countries.

The Manticore is a vicious creature which comes from Asia. The Manticore is a lion like creature that's head has some human likeness; it has a tail which is sometimes depicted as a tail of a scorpion or a tail that fires poisonous darts. The Manticore sometimes is depicted having leathery wings. In Asia where the creature stalks through the forests in search of humans, it attacks first by using poison to render the victim immobile. After been immobilized the victim then can be devoured; bones, clothes, possessions the lot, so the Manticore leaves no trace. There are other descriptions of Manticore that don't fit the above patterns, Manticore's can move around in prides and they kill for the sake of killing and leave there prey behind to be found.

Merfolk are a mythical race which has grown from tales sailors have told across the world. Merfolk are basically human but have a fish's tail, they are able to breath underwater. Merfolk are said to be beautiful and that many Mermaids (female Merfolk) have fallen in love with sailors that they have rescued. Merfolk tend to carry Tridents (three headed spears) as weapons. They are said to be able command creatures in the sea, and ride upon seahorses.

Minotaurs are powerful beasts that are half taurine, half-human. They are savage creatures, which can use simple weapons such as clubs. Their origins lie within Greek mythology where a Minotaur was kept in a labyrinth at Knossos until Thesus killed it. They have been featured in many fantasy novels and also appear in the fantasy roleplay games.

The word Naga is rooted in Sanskrit and means "Serpent". In the East Indian pantheon it is connected with the Serpent Spirit and the Dragon Spirit. It has an quivalency to the Burmese Nats, or god-serpents. In the Esoteric Tradition it is synonymous for Adepts, or Initiates. In India and Egypt, and even in Central and South America, the Naga stands for one who is wise.
In more modern times, the Naga is often represented as a beautiful, mystical warrior woman with the lower body of a serpent. example is the Ancient Greek Goddess, Athena. She is known as a warrior Goddess as well as the Goddess of Wisdom; her symbol being the Serpent as displayed on her personal shield.

Nymphs are creatures that inhabit the most secluded and peaceful areas of the world, close to a pure water source e.g. a spring. Nymphs are a peaceful race they hate evil and ugliness. They try to avoid conflict and they flee if challenged. When the situation is desperate a nymph will defend themselves by using their abilities to blind or confuse there attacker using there magical powers. Nymphs look a lot like humans apart from they have pointy ears like elves, they are nature's embodiment of physical beauty. Nymphs are ever young they are charming graceful and intelligent.

Ogres stand twice as tall as a human and are strongly built with large muscles. Ogres are not highly intelligent creatures but they are not stupid and nor are they evil creatures. They tend to rely on brawn rather than brains. Ogres are good fighters and other races try to recruit them as mercenaries for armies. Ogres don't really care for whom they fight for as long as the moneys good and that they get a good fight.

Orc's are green skinned creatures with large sharp K9 teeth and pointy ears. They are taller than humans are but Orc's are broader and more muscular. Orc's have larger heads than humans but have thicker skulls and they have smaller brains. Another biological feature of Orc's is their ability to suffer large wounds that wound almost certainly kill humans or other races. They seem to posses a remarkable regenerative & immune system. Orc's are an aggressive race that forms tribes or war bands. Some times these war bands group together to form mighty armies. Orc's are savage fighters and preferred tactics are to attack in large hordes. Orc's use varying weapons to fight with depending on the intelligence within a particular tribe.

Savage Orc's which is a tribe that inhabit forests are poorer developed and tend to use clubs and simple weapons to attack with and do not use armour. A more advanced tribe would be equipped forged weapons and armour. Orc's use an unusual mount to get them around quickly they use giant ferocious Boars. These make good attacking cavalry.

The Pegasus comes from Greek mythology it is a winged horse. The Pegasus classically have a white hide. Poseidon with Medusa brought Pegasus forth, when Persus cut off Medusa head the Pegasus flew out. Pegasus's are known to be stubborn but intelligent creatures.

The Peryton lived in Atlantis, it is a large flying creature with the antlered head and legs of a dear with the wings and body of bird. The Peryton casts a shadow of a man until it kills one. When an earthquake destroyed Atlantis the Peryton took to the air and were seen flying above the Pillars of Hercules.

Pixies or Piskies are small people who live on the dons and mores of Cornwall (South England). According to myth Pixies where originally druids who resisted Christianity and the more that they resisted the smaller they grew. Another myth tells us they were a race of people who were not good enough to go to heaven but nor were they bad enough to go to Hell and were doomed to walk the earth forever. Pixies are known to steal horses and make nocturnal trips on them over the moors. Pixies like to trick humans such as throwing objects around the house. Pixies are hardworking as well they work in the fields the entire night to earn some basic food.

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is associated with the Egyptian sun god Ra and the Greek sun god Apollo. The Phoenix lives in Arabia, near cool oases. The Phoenix each morning bathes in the pool and sings beautiful bird song. There can only be one Phoenix a live at any one time. When the Phoenix feels its old and its time to die, the Phoenix builds a nest then settles on it then sets it on fire. The Phoenix burns to death in the flames. From theses flames a new Phoenix emerges. The Phoenix symbolises immortality, resurrection and life after death, because of this it's often seen on sarcophagi and tombs.

The Roc is a legendary gigantic bird from Arabian legends. These birds were so big that they could carry off elephants for food. The Roc is featured in various stories of the "thousand and One Nights" and they have also featured in historical texts of Marco Polo on his travels.

A Satyr or Faun are intelligent creatures that are found in the wild places of the world it is sad. They indulge in food and drink and romance. A satyr is a horned man with the legs & feet of a goat. The hair that grows on these creatures is usually chestnut brown. The hooves tend to be jet black in colour. Satyrs are mischievous by nature and like to play tricks on others. They have a natural talent for music, they often carry Pan pipes to play their magical tunes on them.

The Simurgh lives on the tip of Mount Alburz in Persia. The Simurgh is an all-knowing bird with the powers of reason and speech. It is said to have had a discussion with King Solomon about Philosophy. The Simurgh is a very large bird its feathers are said to have curative powers. The Simurgh was said to have nested in the tree of knowledge.

The Skaven are mutated race that originate from rats, which fed upon some source of mighty magical power. They are the same height approximately as goblins. Skaven are sneaky and rely on stealth to attack using underground tunnels. Skaven are a quick race, which can be carriers for all sorts of diseases those themselves seem to be immune from.

The Sphinx is seen in two cultures, the Egyptians used the Sphinx as a statue, which had the body of the lion and the head of a human, and sometimes the sphinx had wings. Sphinxes were built to honour their kings who the head was normally a portrait of. The Greeks who visited Egypt much later gave the name Sphinx to these structures. The Greek sphinx was a creature of death and destruction and bad luck. The Sphinx was portrayed as a female creature as a winged lion with a feminine head, and sometimes a snake tail. The Sphinx was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. The Sphinx is sometimes seen as the guardian of temple entrances.

The dragon called the Tararque was from the Rhone Valley in Southern France. This dragon does not display standard dragon features the monster had six legs the head of a lion the paws of a bear and a scaly body with a barbed tail. The creature's body was covered in sharp spikes. The dragon was said to sink ships that navigated the Rhone and killed those that travelled to close to the river banks.

The Thunderbird lives among the clouds in the sky. The Thunderbird is a monstrous sized bird that is so big it can take whales within its talons. When the Thunderbird beats it wings they crackle with lightening and rumble with thunder. Arrows of lightening flash from its eyes. The Thunderbird comes from Native American mythology.

Titans are giant human creatures that are about twenty five foot in height. They are powerful creatures that are intelligent. They dress in flowing clothing. Titans have there own cultures and gods. Titans originate from Greek mythology.

Troglodytes are humanoid reptilian creatures they have basic intelligence. They stand about 5ft in height, have a basic humanoid shape, they have three fingers and a thumb, they have tough leathery skin and a lizard like tail and taloned feet. Their skin pigment tones have the ability to change colour to match their surroundings much like that of a chameleon.

Troglodytes are a feudal race having warring tribes. They have very basic technology; they construct crude weapons such as flint axes and javelins. They are ferocious creatures that hunt down other creatures for meat. They were seen to raid human settlements to capture the young for food.

Trolls are monsters that come from Scandinavian myths and Nordic fantasy. Trolls are called Trows in myths from the Shetlands. Trolls are not especially intelligent and are often associated with an element. The most common description of Trolls is a tough ugly creature with tough rock like skin. Trolls have the powers to regenerate even if hacked apart. The only way to stop a Troll regenerating is burning the monster. Trolls diet is unusual, as they will eat anything including metal, bone, wood & rocks. The stomachs of trolls contain very powerful digestive acids. This has led Trolls to an unpleasant form of attack of vomiting over their target; this is an extremely painful attack. Sometimes Trolls use basic hand weapons such as clubs or large stones.

A Unicorn is not unlike a war-horse; it has heavy cloven hooves, and has a single central horn on its forehead. Unicorns are intelligent creatures. Unicorns like to use their horn as a lance when charging the enemy. Unicorns are magical creatures, which tend to dispel magic that is targeted at them. The horn of a Unicorn is said to have great healing powers.

Wood Elves
Wood Elves are like their High Elf and Dark Elf kin they are a slender noble race with pale skin. Wood elves live deep with the forests and are guardians of the natural world. Wood elves work with the forest they try not to damage the forest like other races do. Wood elves are extremely agile, there main method of attack is the bow, but they will use hand-to-hand fighting. Wood elves like to use stealth as there are fewer of them compared to the High Elves and Dark Elves. Wood Elves prefer not to wear armour this allows them to move more rapidly through forests.

The Wyrm (or wurm) is found among legends of northern European countries. It is one of the most ferocious dragons. Wyrms live deep beneath the earth and they guard gems and treasure such as gold. These dragons are huge and usually wingless they are covered in thick hard scales that are said to be like the strength of steel. They often are fire breathers. Wyrms take vengeance on those that steal from their hordes.

One of the best known wyrms was the nemesis of the warrior king Beowulf. Beowulf slew the dragon but at the cost of his own life. The legend says that Beowulf was buried with the Wyrm's treasure.

The Yale is a four legged beast from Ethiopia and India its colour is a tawny brown or black. It is about the size of a horse; it looks much like a deer but has the lower jaws of a boar with its tusks. The Yale has movable horns that it can control.
The Yale can move a single horn forward to use as in a lance like fashion, the other horn moves out of the way to protect it. If one horn is damaged in a fight it moves the other horn in to place to resume the attack. The Yale is seen in British heraldry it is ones of the Queens beasts and is featured on the arms of Christ's college, Cambridge University.


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